We believe education play a vital role in transforming lives.  Yet, for so many children in Burkina Faso, access to school remains an impossible dream.  Maybe their families are too poor to send them or need them to help in the fields simply so the family can eat.  For some there is just no school within reach. We think every child should have access to a good education, and to help to make this possible we are currently investing in 12 schools, in Burkina Faso supported by our local partners.

Through bursaries, support for teachers, investment in capital projects and funding for work to improve the quality of education on offer, we want to help these schools to continue to be places that educate and inspire the next generation to great things.

We are currently working on a major project at Soulyale School as well as offering support to a range of other initiatives throughout Burkina Faso.  In all this your support is vital,. helping us to change the future for thousands more children ‘one life at a time’.

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