Meet the Team

Jonny Wooldridge: Executive Officer

I joined the Transform Burkina team in April 2020 and am looking forward to continuing the good work carried our by my predecessors. Originally I was a Geography teacher, but in recent years have moved onto various roles with charities and in business.

Robert (Bob) McCullagh: Trustee (Chair)
RobertI have been involved with Burkina Faso since 2003. I first visited the country in 2005 and since then I have worked with teams on water well drilling projects and supported school building and local health centre development projects. Other projects have included the annual importation of a consignment of mangoes –some of the best in the world – direct from local Burkinabé farmers. I am the Chair of Transform Burkina.
Stephen Buwert: Trustee

I first went to Burkina Faso in 2009 as part of a team from my school, and returned in 2010 leading a small team from my university Christian Union. The trips had a big impact on me, and I have retained an active interest in the area ever since. Since completing my degree in Ecology in 2013 I went on to become a primary school teacher, and the areas of sustainable agriculture and education are areas of personal interest to me.

Colin Richards: Trustee
ColinI first visited Burkina Faso in 2008 and have been each year since then. I have seen, first hand, the importance and the difference that education can make in the lives of African children. Since my first visit I have focused on exploring opportunities to create school links for the benefit of students both in Burkina Faso and in the UK. I am a trustee of Transform Burkina.
David Smith: Trustee (Treasurer)
DavidMy involvement with Burkina Faso began in the late 1990s when our local church helped finance some church and school buildings in Ouagadougou. Subsequently we sourced and financed a number of vehicles for export to Burkina along with medical and computer equipment. More recently it all became personal when my daughter married a Burkinabé. I am the Treasurer of Transform Burkina.
Jenny Stephens: Trustee
JennyI went to Burkina Faso in August 2007 with the youth group from my local church, and have retained a strong interest in the country and its people every since. At the time I knew very little about Burkina Faso but from previous visits to African countries I knew it was somewhere I would be interested in going. However I wasn’t prepared for how touched I would be by the people we met. I am a trustee of Transform Burkina.
Judith Walker: Trustee
I have visited Burkina Faso on three occasions since 2008, each time with a group of sixth year pupils from the school where  I worked. The visits had a big impact on each team, as we recognised the importance of education ,which is something we have taken for granted.

Since then I have been supporting the work of Transform Burkina, and am now looking forward to being more involved in supporting education projects and seeing lives transformed. I am  a Trustee of Transform Burkina.

Help to change lives

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Transform Burkina
Transform Burkina
This years tailoring students have graduated and will now be able to seek employment or set up in business for themselves.
Transform Burkina
Transform Burkina
On Saturday 2nd July, a team of runners and cyclisyts will be attempting a coast-to-coast relay aiming to leave the east coast at sunrise and reach the west coast by sunset.

We would love it if you were willing to sponsor us in our challenge by following the link below:

The event is in aid of Transform Burkina, a charity which supports the most vulnerable people in Burkina Faso in West Africa.

Your donation will enable us to continue the vital work we do by providing food, clean water, education and healthcare to those most in need.
Transform Burkina
Transform Burkina
Due to the security situation in the north of the country, may people have become internally displaced and are now living as refugees in other parts of the country.

Recently we've provided 3 tons of food and cooking oil for a group of 160 people who had nothing.
Transform Burkina
Transform Burkina
After supplying the villages of Maki, Kiblo and Kigola with clean water we've now run sessions in good hygiene practices in all 3 villages - and a total of 581 people turned up!

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The team did it!! They chased the sun from Bridlighton to Morecambe and beat it! Thanks to all those who took part, donated and supported the event. It was a magnificent achievement. The money raised will make a huge difference to the people of #BurkinaFaso. THANK YOU!

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