2016-12-soluyale-school-parents-following-french-course-at-soulyale-thanks-to-solar-panelsWith the help of our supporters, a school in Burkina Faso is now offering classes on into the evening for adults as well as teaching children during normal school hours.

With funds from the UK, solar power has recently been installed in classrooms at the school in Soulyale, a remote rural community in the north west of the country, where there is no access to mains electricity.  Each classroom now has power and light, provided by the solar arrays on their roofs

As well as allowing the school to improve the opportunities for creative teaching and the range of subjects available for the pupils during the day, light and power in the classrooms has also allowed the parents and other adults the chance to learn after dark.

Pictured is one of the first evening adult education classes, this one teaching French, the language of government and business in Burkina Faso.

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