It is that time, where in both the UK and Burkina Faso, students begin to think about the new school year.

A good education can transform opportunities and change the future for a young person, yet. tragically. many students in Burkina Faso will not get that chance.  Many families are just too poor to afford the modest costs of sending their children to school.

We are determined to change this ‘one life at a time’ and offer support to students and their families through our international bursary programme.  We have no fixed formula, rather allowing local school bursary committees to offer the most appropriate support to allow each family the chance of an education for their child.

Typical of those we support is Abdul (pictured), an orphan, who, with his elder brother lives with a relative’s family and attends Soulyale School.  The bursary scheme provides 10 year old Abdul with books, a uniform and school lunches, giving him the chance of  a transformed future.

As the new school year approaches, we are urgently looking for more support for this programme.  On average it costs around £200 per year to send another child to school and we are asking supporters to commit to a donation of £18 per month to change the future for another child..

If you could help, you can donate here.

Please note that, in order to keep costs to a minimum, we cannot offer donors links to individual children.  However, all money received for this programme will be used to support more children to go to school.