Recruiting and retaining high quality teachers for rural schools remains a constant pressure for our local partners.

However committed the staff, with teachers in short supply in Burkina Faso, the temptation to move to city schools, where the standard of living for families is often seen as superior, is a constant pressure..

In response, we have committed to support our local partners through funding teacher training, offering salary support for staff and through the provision of high quality teachers’ houses at their rural schools.  The latest of these has just been finished at Soulyale, one of the schools we support, bringing the number of houses constructed at this rapidly growing rural centre of learning to three.

One more teacher and their family will now have an added incentive to continue to inspire the next generation of pupils from the village and surrounding area.  We believe that offering a good education is the key to transformed lives and effective long tern development and so are grateful to the generous UK donor whose gift paid for this work.

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