Education is critical to long term development and the improvement of livelihoods, yet it is estimated that 70% of adults in Burkina Faso are illiterate.


In response we::

  • Improve access to education through a bursary scheme, which provides support for the poorest families to help their children to go to school. You can download more details of the scheme here.
  • Support new and improved school buildings and facilities such as solar power for classrooms in 10 schools across the country.
  • Improve the quality of learning through teacher training, provision of computers for classrooms etc.
  • Support initiatives to provide adult and vocational education.
  • Encourage other ways in which education can be improved in Burkina Faso, including opportunities for individuals and groups to serve in local schools.

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Water: Providing life giving water supplies.

Health: Offering vital services to local communities.

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