The chance of an education seemed an ever more distant dream for Timwende Sawadogo (pictured), until a generous UK donor got involved

Growing up in a family of rural subsistence farmers, dependent on the annual rains for the harvest, the family always struggled to survive and put aside enough money for their children’s education.  However, when her father became ill, Timwende’s dream of going to school appeared to fade away still more.

Our education bursary programme is designed to offer students like Timwende the opportunity of an education and, thanks to a new sponsor coming forward, she now has the chance to attend Soulyale School, with the bursary donations paying for books, exam fees, uniform and all the other necessities that her family would have struggled to provide.

Going to school still remains a challenge, not least because it is a three mile walk each day from her home, but Timwende is determined to take her chance and make the most of the education on offer.

We believe that an education is vital to transforming lives and development and would love to offer many more students in need the chance to go to school through access to our bursary scheme.  To find out more about the scheme and how you can help, click here.