Guaranteed to send some people to sleep immediately and baffle others, nonetheless a charity’s annual accounts always tell a story and we are delighted with the one ours are telling.

Transform Burkina’s latest audited accounts, for the year ending 30 June 2017, tell the story of what we have been able to achieve with your support.  You can download the full report here (also available on the Charity Commission’s web site).

Income has virtually doubled since the previous year. meaning we were able, during 2016/2017, to send twice as much support to the people of Burkina Faso.  More children have been given the chance of an education, more life saving medical care has been offered, more wells drilled and more lives transformed as a result and the report contains more details of where and how the money was used.

Of course, we know there remains much more to be done and we are by no means complacent; we face particular pressure on our unrestricted income, for example, and in Burkina Faso there are many more individuals and communities we would like to be able to support.  Nonetheless, for all the support represented by these accounts, we ant to say a huge thank you!

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