2015-10-burkina-stafford-centre-orphans-accommodationThe land pictured at the Stafford Centre in Burkina Faso may not look up to much, but, with plentiful supplies of water, this soil can produce year round crops.

With a recent donation, the orphanage and school on the site can now install a drip feed irrigation system.  This will turn this land into a productive market garden, able to provide daily food for the orphans and even a surplus to sell in the nearby capital, Ouagadougou.

Not only will the new farming project produce much needed food and income, but it will also become part of the school curriculum.  In a country where the majority of the population make their living through farming, the older orphans will be taught new farming techniques, preparing them for a possible future role in adult life.

We would like to install such agricultural projects at some of the other schools we support around the country and please click here if you are able to donate.