Life may often be tough in the remote rural communities of Burkina Faso, but Bississ Danae believes the children that he teaches nonetheless deserve every opportunity he can give them.

Many village schools struggle to attract high quality teachers as staff are tempted to move into the cities where living standards can be higher.  However, at Transform Burkina, we are determined that children, wherever they live, should have an equal chance of an excellent education.  We are therefore investing in rural schools by supporting capital and infrastructure projects and a bursary scheme for pupils, as well as supporting teachers through training, the provision of good quality housing and salary support.

Mr Danae has been teaching at Ratyiri School, one of the 10 schools we support, for 7 years.  He is now the headmaster and leads a staff of three.

He told us,

‘Children from villages are just the same as children from towns, just as important and just as intelligent.  My job gives me an opportunity to begin to make a difference for them’.

We would love to increase the number of teachers we support and are looking for more people who can offer regular donations towards teacher’s salaries.  It costs around £200 to support a teacher for one month and, if you can help, please donate here.