Erratic rains, unusually high temperatures and insect attacks during the last growing season led to poor harvests in parts of Burkina Faso and a real risk of hunger for poor households.

The north of the country, where we mainly work, was  particularly badly effected.  Over 80% of the population there are subsistence farmers and the low yields they suffered this year mean that many risk running out of stored food in the months to come, leading to a real risk of hunger before the next harvest can be gathered..

In response, working with our partners, other NGO’s and the local government in Burkina Faso, we have launched a project to provide both emergency food support and ‘farming packs’ to ensure families both have enough to eat during the coming  ‘hungry season’ and the means to produce food for future years.

To make this project possible, we are urgently seeking funds and please consider donating whatever you can to this emerging, if little publicised, crisis.

Food packs for a family to tide them overt the hungry season cost in the region of £32, whilst seeds, equipment etc. to allow a family to recommence farming cost in the region of £46.

Thank you for your support..