2015 01 Education Burkina classroom low resPlease sit down

Thank you.  Now you are comfortable, can we ask you to help us find a place to sit for more school children in Burkina Faso?

We all know a good education is key to any child’s future, but for many in Burkina Faso there are so many barriers to achieving this.

In rural communities the local school can be up to 2 hours walk away and, even when children get there, facilities and equipment that we might take for granted in our children’s classrooms are often not available.  And that’s where we hope you come in…..

This harvest, could your school or church fundraise to buy desks and benches for children who go to school in the villages of Burkina Faso?

Can we tell you about Soulyale, an isolated village in the north-west of the country?  At the school there are nearly twice as many students as places for them to sit.  As part of our support for Soulyale we want to provide at least another 100 benches and desks to help the students to get the best from their education.

If you think you may be able to help, please download mnore information for schools and churches here