Charities and the whole concept of ‘overseas aid’ have come in for some fierce criticism over the last few weeks in the UK.  Whatever the reasons for this, it is, perhaps,  a good prompt to restate what we believe and do at Transform Burkina.

So, here is our ‘mission statement’

To work in partnership to give every life we touch, the opportunity to reach their full potential. We aim to achieve this through supporting the provision of high quality projects to improve:  Education, skills and vocational training, health and nutrition, water supply and sanitation, livelihoods, access to micro credit and savings

The ethos behind these are to empower the people of Burkina Faso to be able to continue to bless and influence the world through improved health, education and livelihoods. We also aim to raise people’s awareness of the country and the benefits of its culture.

Working with our local partners, we strive to do all this ‘one life at a time’ and thank you for your part in making that possible!