We all know what a difference a small amount of support and encouragement can make and that is what lies behind our new micro-credit and savings programme.

All it look for Isaac to start his own small-scale chicken rearing business was a small loan.  Now, from the profits he makes from sale of eggs and chickens in the local market, he is able to feed his family and raise enough money to send his children to school.  Through a new programme, we aim to offer many more individuals small loans and the chance to start their own  business and work their own way out of poverty. In addition, the project will help to set up village savings schemes, from which loans from the community, to the community, will also be made in due course.

We have sufficient funds to get the project off the ground, but to grow it, we need more ‘yolk’ to help (sorry).  Could you ‘shell out’ to support more people like Isaac?