Christmas is often a time of gift giving; this festive season, could you, your church or group, respond a little differently by giving really useful gifts to families struggling to recover from poor harvests and real hardships this year?

It may not have often made the UK national news, but this has been a tough year for many in the Sahel region of Africa, which includes the northern area of Burkina Faso where we work.  The World Food Programme and other agencies are responding where they can and we also want to continue to play our part.  Could you help us by raising money to allow us to give some really useful gifts this Christmas, gifts that will help families get themselves back on their feet in 2019?

With your help, our aim is to support more farming families by, for example:

Replacing livestock that they may have been forced to sell in order to survive.  Cost £40.

Providing a pack of fertiliser and seeds to allow fields to be prepared and planted for the new growing season. Cost £50.

We are so grateful for any support you or your group can offer to this Christmas gift appeal.  Click here to discover how you can donate.