A new school garden has started to transform lives in Burkina Faso.

The primary school at the Stafford Centre, outside Ouagadougou, is also home to 50 orphans. The newly opened  ‘high tech’ school garden, funded by UK donations, is already making a huge difference in the lives of pupils and orphans alike.

The Centre has good soil on its extensive plot of land and the only thing that was lacking for year long farming to commence was a reliable supply of water.  Grants have allowed the installation of a solar powered pump, water storage facilities and a drip feed irrigation system on a part of the land.  Crops, including onions, tomatoes and salads have already been planted, and are growing well.

Not only will this provide much needed food tor the orphans, but older children, many of whom will be farmers in adult life, will also be taught new farming techniques as part of the school curriculum by the onsite farm manager.

Plans are now being developed for the best use of the rest of the land on the site.

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