Students and orphans at the Stafford Centre near Ouagadougou are now enjoying a daily diet of fresh salad and vegetables, thanks to an innovative agricultural project.

Solar powered drip feed irrigation is transforming land next to the school (pictured) into a productive vegetable plot, with lettuce already being harvested and other vegetables and salads growing well.

Thanks to good soil and plentiful sunshine, all that was missing for year long harvests was a ready supply of water and the project to install a pump, storage tanks and an irrigation system has now made this available.

The school now want to extend the scheme to more land, with the aim of not only making them self sufficient in food, but also growing a surplus.  The money raised from the sale of this surplus produce in the local markets will be used to support more orphans at the school.

In addition, the project is also now teaching the orphans and students vital agricultural and business skills as part of the curriculum.

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