2016-11-bursary-stufdents-at-the-stafford-centre-1We believe every child should have the opportunity of a high quality education, whatever their background or economic circumstances.

Yet in Burkina Faso, many young people struggle to get to school, with fees (however modest) and long distances to reach classrooms in rural areas being just some of the barriers.

Through our education programme we are seeking to offer more opportunities through capital and infrastructure investment in schools and via our bursary scheme.  The scheme is offered in a network of 10 Christian schools, run by our partner organisation AEAD.

Unlike some other schemes, we do not offer individual child sponsorship for donors, but rather encourage local bursary committees to use the money given to offer support to children in the greatest need, with the type and level of support being individually tailored to the needs of each child.  We believe this local flexibility is important as well as offering good value for the limited money we have available.

There are always far more students to help than funds available and each local committee is given consistent guidelines as they try and make the difficult decisions about 2016-11-bursary-stufdents-at-the-stafford-centre-2who should receive a bursary.

Thanks to the generous support of individuals and UK trusts, we have been able to assist 25 children to attend school this year, but there are many more who would also benefit.  On average it costs about £18 per month for a child to go to school and please click here if you can support us in this work.

To read the latest report on the bursary scheme from our partners in Burkina Faso, click here